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My car went in for it's first checkup two weeks ago at Tuscaloosa Toyota. When they rotated the tires, they didn't notice the edge wear on the front tires. I mentioned it to the service advisor when the car came back out, and she said to bring it back when I had more time to have the alignment checked. Then I find out she didn't even know what the car was. :roll:

So, I call back this week and ask to speak with someone familiar with tire wear problems on the Prius. Ta-da, I get someone on the phone who says bring it right on in, they've heard of a problem, and it may have the wrong tires on it. (eh?) I bring it in today, and when I see they have it up on the lift, through some good luck with how busy the advisors were with people coming in & out, the service manager came around and scoped it out with me. He had the tire replacement letter for 2001 models on hand, checked the sidewalls of my '02, and yes, it was the right tire. (duh) However, after seeing the edge wear on the now rear tires (after rotation) and a small cut in the tread, he said he'd get the two rear tires replaced under warranty since "Toyota wants us to be involved in this." The advisor questioned him as we walked away, and I heard the manager say "I'll fight Toyota on this one, let's not make it his problem."

Sweet. :D

By my best estimate, I had lost at least half the tread on the edges of the tire at 7,500 miles, so I'm looking at around 17-20k at best for wear at the factory PSI. Time to crank up the pressure as so many others have posted about and see how the current tires up front survive for comparison.

While I was there, I also discovered that the Prius gets really pissed off if you put it in gear with the driver's door still open... (scooting forward in the line of cars checking in to the service area)
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