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Daytime Running Lights

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I have 05 pkg.6 Prius And also a 03 Sienna. With the Sienna I found that by jumping a contact in the fuse box that DRL were activated. Does anyone know if this is possible in the Prius?

Also twice lately I have had a triangular warning light come on and tell me that the battery was not being charged even though the car was operating normally. After shutting down for about 20 minutes everything returned to normal. Any comments? Thanks.

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I believe the Canadian market is using the same body ECU as we are, but I can't prove that. But consider that the alarm is equpped in all cars, but disabled in some packages and can be reactivated by the scanner. I don't know of a way to activate DRL for USA. Note though that the hardware is not all there. Some relays missing.

Oh, about the error. Did you have the driver door open while not in park? The warning makes sense for neutral, but the same warning appears for other gears too.
Error Message.

The doors were all shut.

:) Howdy DonG

It would be very helpful if you would include in your "Signature" the model year and "package" of your Prius. That way, we would know much better how to respond. Your location is helpful when discussing dealers, service, availability, etc.

My 2¢ worth.
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