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Gurmail said:
I agree with ehurtley even though it is a sad and ironical story. What do you mean when you say ' it looks cool with HIDs and running lights? What other running lights are there, unless you mean DRLs or fog lights? Does anyone know how to turn on DRL?
You need to go to the dealer and they can turn them on for you. I belive only they can do it becuase in my BMW, they need to hook it up to a computer to do it. Most cars are this way.

Here in Cali. in 01 They passed a law or tried to, I forget which it was, that said call new cars must have day time running lights. So almost every 01 model here has DRL on. Most cars have the ability to turn them on since its usually just the headlight on low. But its something the dealer can turn on and off.

As for not seeing a car’s rear at night. The Europeans have put a rear fog light in their cars just for that reason. I don’t believe it’s legal in all states because its kind of distracting if left on all the time. You could just put the parking lights on and that turns your rear lights on.

I’m planning on upgrading my fog lights to xenon and hopefully I won’t notice any loss of MPG. Has anyone tried of replacing there halogen parking lights and turn signals with LEDs? Those use about 10th of the power than normal 21w bulbs.
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