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I posted my problem in general.. then I just noticed 'electronics' - which is my problem I have a 2005.

briefly: my main display (speedometer, gas etc) intermittently go dark. My other display with a/c, etc is very washed out at times unreadable.
Has been going on for a while, dealer said I needed a whole new display x2 at abt $2500 ea. That's more than the car is worth.
Then I found a YouTube talking about replacing a 'controller module' that the 'instrument cluster' or the 'combination meter' ? I haven't a clue, but it said the part was only about $200.
My a/c has now died along with the fan, I live in central Florida, it's summer.:frown:

The other day when I started the car the a/c & fan came on full blast and then stopped when I put the car in drive. My main display was working and the other one was brighter. I know it's electronic. my neighbor fixed my water pump, I have a feeling this might be too involved.

Can anyone shed some light on this, how to, cost of parts and what exactly it needs?
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