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Custom Wheels?

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For those of you who are considering custom wheels for your Prius, be aware that there are very limited choices for 15 inch wheels, which means you may have to go with 16 or 17 inch (the wheels in the pic. are 16s). I wanted a more sport look since most of my customers are interested in both performance and technology. I drove with the stock wheels for the first 2 weeks and have not noticed a significant decrease in mileage so far, but have received many more inquiries about the car itself!


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nice that looks good, I was shopping for wheel and tires myself last weekend. I want to go 17's so atleast you can see the diff. what tire size did you put? the wider you go the less mileage you get. so with 17's I'd have to go 205's instead of 185's, then again would be much better handling
Those wheels do look good. I have a Black 05 and I was thinking of keeping the stock wheels (don't want to mess with the engineering of the car), but having them powder coated black.
They are 205s and the handling is a bit better, but I also feel more of the road. The wheels are Enkei OR52 model.
wider tires

I put 225/50/15 yokohama tires on a Kosei wider wheel. The handling and road control drastically improved. I had a thousand miles on my integrity tires. When i took them off one had a bubble on the sidewall already. My mileaage has dropped though from 48 to 44. I feel a lot safer driving now on better tires.
Do you expect that anyone spending six hundred dollars "PLUS" for a set of new wheels would ever admit that the ride was worse, or that the milage dropped drastically? As for looking better, it is all in the eye of the beholder!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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