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Cruise Control and Sudden Acceleration

I invite you all to view my page on Sudden Acceleration and Cruise Control at this huge ugly web address: ... otMyth.htm

Early in this thread, someone mentioned that the Prius does not use a throttle cable, but rather a wire. This MAY make my information not apply to the Prius, but on the other hand I don't know how the difference between a "wire" and a "cable" would make a real difference... Either way, if you are interested by the issues of sudden acceleration and cruise control, you should see my page for an explanation and a collection of further info links.

I'm amused at how quickly the "wrong pedal theory" reared its head in this discussion. Read my page to understand why I'm chuckling.

And sheesh stop driving that thing until you get this resolved. Or up your life insurance. Your call. :) --Nessim
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