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This is so interesting. I've - irrationally, I admit - never trusted cruise control on any car. Maybe I'm just a control freak, but I don't like driving with it and even though I never even heard of any malfunctions, I've never trusted that it would disengage properly. This is absolutely the very first time I've ever heard of it malfunctioning!

I'm not any kind of neurologist or psychologist but I've always had a theory that the more of your body is involved in doing anything, the more completely your mind is engaged it that task. So it was tough for me to give up my manual shift autos, even for the Prius, which I truly love. I wonder if this explains the lapses in concentration we find with hand-held cell phones while driving, BTW. Anyway, do you ever feel your mind wandering once your foot is off the accelerator? Do you feel that if your foot is off the pedal that the extra time required to get it back there could be critical in an emergency? The few times I've used cruise I find I hold my foot above the pedal and rather than having a relaxing experience driving, I'm more tense because of the effort to hold up my foot! I just feel I have far more control without cruise than with it.

My 2 cents. YMMV.

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