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Cruise Control

I have it installed in my 2003. No problems at all and it only took about 30 minutes to put in.

I also have their "auto-door locks" (30 min.) / "mirror light" (5 min.) and "remote trunk" (1 hr.)

All of them work great and were very easy to install :D

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cruise control retrofit kits

The CoastalETech folks have a pretty
good track record, especially with
service. (Instructions are usually
pretty good, and often you can get
videos of how to do your install.)

You might also want to look into the
Retrofit Cruise Control Kit for the
Prius from Toyota. (This came out
after enough complaints from 2001 owners
that wanted cruise control in their
vehicles, as CC wasn't an option back
then...) I ordered mine from Eddie Bell
at (metro toyota in ohio).
(I see that he's now selling them on eBay too...)
With the help of some friends on the
[email protected] list, we
installed the Toyota Cruise Control
Retrofit kit on my 2001 in a little over
an hour (with photo taking and general
gabbing). The folks I was with already
had a Toyota kit on one 2001, and the
Coastal kit on the other.

Basically, the Toyota retrofit kit
is from Toyota, and acts just like
in the manual. The CoastalETech kit
uses the exact same cruise control
circuitry, just that instead of the
control paddle being on the steering wheel
the coastal kit is a little remote

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Thanks for the input...after hearing no response to this post for a while I decided to take a chance an order it...and it's now on its way here from Florida. I'll let you know the results. The free installation video was a nice addition :)

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Sorry--I just got here.

I installed the genuine toyota cruise kit on my 2001 (before I traded it in on my 2002). Very easy install. Can't imagine that the Coastal kit will be any challenge at all (they don't even replace the steering wheel...).

Trickiest part is replacing the brake pedal switch. Have a crescent wrench on hand (preferably a thin one) and you should do fine with some manuevering.

Have fun!
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