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Yes , it's tue , not a lie.
Happended to me wenh i drove a Pri for a Complete week end befor order her.
My city toyota dealer have a Demo Pri for costumers who desider try the car beror ordering.
I scheduled my test drive for a saturday morning and , when i'0m arrived at dealers office , he surprised giving me the car documents and insurance opened at my name.
" Ok sir , you have a car still monday morning . you must return the Prius ad 9 o clock . Mileage unlimited , only we ask you repalce the fuel tank . "
Yes man , good idea.... :wink: :wink:
Ok , let's go. I drove Prius in my city ( old italian town with napoleonic center , small streets , a lot of corners , pedestrians everywere ) and the car was always on electical mode.
It's true ! when you drove in a center you must have a big attention , the pedestrians do not heard you are arriving and seems theal everyone like suicide under your wheels !
Ok , now we talk about the consumption record.
With my girlfriend we drove since Genoa , an important town on the sea ner my city ( 40 miles ) . Returning home after a good sea food dinner we toke the A26 motorway .
This motorway climb to 0 meters at 700 meters to cross the maritime sub alps in onli 6 miles , it's very pleasent drove that route , hi speed corners , less traffic , a paradise .
Arrived on the top we started discending.
Ok , i stabilized the speed at 48/50 miles per hour descending . The termical engine stopped and the car still running ! i was surprised , o my good , wath's happen now ?
Nothing , Prius silenciusly continued her run without termical help , full battery charge , geard in B position , trottle all off.
3 miles and no voice from 1.5 liters engine , 6 miles and nothing , i remember the expression of my girfriend face , looks like this :shock: :shock: :shock: eh eh eh , my face was like this :p :p :p
, good by old diesel engine , adios alfa romeo , i want my prius right now !
11 miles , i pusched the throttle pedal for pass a truck and the termical suddently started .
11 miles and consumpion relevated by CPU . 0 liters !!!
Ok , i've found my car .
Incredible , magic Prius !
Noe i must wait my car , i hope january arrive soon.
Regards .

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Mileage/Driving Style

I've had the 2004 Prius for six months. I'm averaging the following: Highway driving, non-Interstate: 48-52mpg. Highway driving, Interstate, cruise control set at 78mpg - 45 mpg.

City driving -- between roughly 30 pmg and 60 mpg.

I've noticed a tremendous variation in mileage depending upon my driving style. I'm 68 years old and a fairly conservative driver. No jack-rabbit starts, smooth driving on the highway, no very high speed driving with many lane shifts and a lot of acceleration and deceleration.

More than any care I have ever owned, the Prius is sensitive to how it is driven. I always try to let it run in electric mode at start up, which means slow starts. I always try to let it run on cruise control on the highway and avoid very high speed driving, rapid acceleration, and fairly safe driving remaining in the slow lane.

The car currently has just under 6,000 miles on it and has been driven in a variety of areas. Stop-start rush-hour city driving generates the worst mileage, high speed (85mph) interstate driving next worst, and very conservative (OK, you dorks, "elderly") style city driving the best with 55mph highway driving the second best.

There is just a tremendous variation in mileage depending upon my driving style. I do live in the Florida Keys, so I've never been in cold weather. The car has been dealer maintained -- I had the maintenance light go on once. On a long trip, the smaller battery went dead and had to be replaced. After that,, when I was away I plug a solar charger into the cigarette lighter and it keeps things topped off.

Personally, I love the car.

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Recently I had one 5-minute segment show 100 mpg. But the SOC went from 7 bars down to 4. It was still super-cool. City streets, probably 2 or 3 miles travelled. ICE kicked in every time I had to accelerate from a stop, the rest of the time it was either running at very low consumption or in electric mode.

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yep, i had the same experience Daniel did - it's fantastic to have a 5 min. average of 100 mpg! it does drain the charge, but, no bother, it's hard to keep going so smoothly - inevitably you pick up speed, and have to break, thus "preparing" for the next 100mpg 5 min chunk, whenever that is.
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