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Console height

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:?: Looking for an aftermarket accessory that raises the height of the center console armrest in an 02 basic Prius. I am 6'2" and wife is 5'4" and we have both been uncomfortable.
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Good luck. Maybe if you design something for yourself an upholsterer could fathom something for you.
I think Coastal Electronics Technologies has a solution
Rasiing the center console

I saw a post on priuschat where someone had a solution to this using the tray in the center console. Hope this helps.
I think that is for the 2004/5 model.
darn if I can't find the links anymore ( :( )... I've seen some custom jobs (Wright's comes to mind). I recall someone who was selling brackets that would raise the center console... I think at one time CoastalETech had some different height armrests, but I don't see it on their order page anymore... Some other people found that a bean-bag like pillow placed on the center console worked fine for them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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