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Thank God! Someone besides Coastal Dave-("The Hobbiest" with A.D.D.) offering a 2nd Gen video interface. (Not quite as "trick" as Dave's "ONE OF A KIND" - 'Not Really For Sale' Interface but at least it's on the market.)

The Soundgate VIDTOYO1 is a video interface that will convert the Toyota or Lexus factory navigation display into a video monitor, perfect for a video back-up camera or as a video game monitor. The video interface works with most Toyota or Lexus navigation screen systems where the navigation screen is separate from the radio and not integrated into the radio itself (see below for specific vehicle applications). Allows you to add up to 2 video input signals from video sources such as a DVD, VCR, rear-view camera, game console, any composite video input signal from any video source, to the factory navigation video system.

To get the audio from any of the video sources to play sound through your factory radio, you can add the Soundgate VIDFM40T high performatnce FM modulator, as there isn't any auxiliary input convertable that is compatible with the nav screen radio.

IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: This device is does not come from the manufacturer with any in-line power fuse. If you feel it necessary to fuse this device, the interface will draw under 5 amps when in normal use. It is recommended that a 5 amp in-line fuse be installed between the video interface and the battery connection.

Works in the following vehicles w/navigation:


2001-2004 RX300
2001-2005 LS430 w/o factory rearview camera
2002-2005 SC400

2003-2004 Avalon
2003-2005 Highlander
2003-2005 Landcruser w/o factory rearview camera
2003-2005 Prius
2003-2005 Sienna w/o factory rearview camera

Availability: Usually ships the same business day.


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GreyMud said:
Manuf w/o a fuse? Sound via FM?

Sounds lacking professionalism, IMO.

Nice find, though. [face_thinking]
I bet it works better than the one I got from Coastal.... Oh yeah, that order I placed last February hasn't been filled yet. That might explain it...


(I thought venting was supposed to help.....)
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