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I've been struggling with my current phone (SE P800) to get it to work with the BT carkit. During this investigation I've made a suggestion to the Toyota support to create a website which displays all current compatible phones. Their reaction was supprisingly enthousiastic and they would take a closer look at the idea.

The compatibale phones that I've collected so far:

Official defined to be compatible by Toyota (Netherlands):
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 8910i
Nokia 3650
Siemens S55
Sone Ericsson t68i
Sone Ericsson t610

Users experience:
Nokia 3660 uses same chipset as the 3650, so should be OK
Sony Ericsson t630 is the follow up of the t610, this one should work just fine.
Sony Ericsson P800/P900 are not compatible. The phone recognises the carkit but not visa versa.
Motorola V600 has been tested succesfully by several users.
Motorola V710 (added by hudel)

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not all phones/devices marked as Bluetooth compatible will work with a Prius. It depends on which Bluetooth protocols they have implemented.

note, as stated in the 2004 Prius Navigation Owner's Manual, page 109:
This system supports the following service:
* HFP (Hands Free Profile) Ver. 1.0
* OPP (Object Push Profile) Ver. 1.1
If your cellular phone does not support
HFP, you cannot enter the Bluetooth
phone, and take OPP service individually.

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I am using a Nokia 6820.

The only issues I noticed is that phone book entires have to be transfered one at a time. (I seem to recall that only a few phones will bulk transfer the phone book.) One also has to be careful because while the phone may have multiple phone numbers for a name the Prius only has one.
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