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Coffee anyone?

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I'm still totally in love with my Prius, but,

is anyone willing to risk driving with a cup of coffee in either of the front cup holders? I've never seen anything like them. In my old Toyotas the cups would hang in positions where I wouldn't ever imagine they could spill even if I braked hard. In the Prius holders I can't imagine the cups surviving a normal drive to work.

On those few occasions I tried it I wound up driving one handed so that my right hand could steady the cup.

Perhaps there's an official Prius cup that no one has mentioned?

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> is anyone willing to risk driving with a cup of coffee

Yup. And I've never spilled a drop of my dry cappucinos (a vital component of my daily commute to work). So there are some coffee cups that fit just fine. My travel mug works great too.

For soda pop, those really large plastic cups from Taco Bell fit surprisingly well. No spills from them either. So if the base is exactly the right size, you don't have much to worry about. If it's a little loose, make sure you have a towel handy.

I cut-to-fit a black foam block into the drawer at the bottom/front of the console~
I then used a filleting knife to core the block to fit my favorite mug; Now I just pull open the drawer, plug in my mug, my iPod and my safety belt, and go!
I have a few different coffee cups. My 'standard' ones fit just fine, with no chance of spilling, even in hard braking. My 'secondary' one has a handle that prevents it from fitting properly in the rear ('main' to me,) cup holder, but it fits in the front (fold-out,) one when I have the handle pointing forward. I wouldn't want to have to slam on my brakes full-force with it there, but anything short of full braking I imagine it would be fine. My third coffee cup has a goofy 'hourglass' shape that means that it 'rocks' back and forth inside the cup holders. I imagine that it would stay in the cup holder even in hard braking, but the movement may cause the contents to slosh out through the 'drink-hole' if it were nearly full.

And of course, coffee shop paper cups fit just fine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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