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Those are interesting calculations, but you forgot an important word in your conclusions, "maximum". There is a maximum of 1105 ppm CO in pure Prius exhaust. It could easily be less. In fact, reported attempts to measure the CO show up zero, which just means it's lower than the test equipment's sensitivity. So we can still hold out hope that our Prius can clean Philly's air. Still, beating the standard by a factor of 33 sounds a pretty unlikely.

Also, gasoline engines produce most of their CO output when changing load or when cold. So the Prius left to idle for 10 days would probably produce more CO than the Prius forced to idle continuously.

Finally, breathing undiluted Prius exhaust would kill you rather quickly even if the Prius were producing no CO at all. Undiluted Prius exhaust contains only trace amounts of O2, not nearly enough to support human life.
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