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A CNG Prius? Given our dangerous dependence on foreign oil, (ie Iraq,Saudi Arabia) I am wondering why no one has explored creating a Compressed Natural Gas powered Hybrid. A CNG Prius Hybrid would be superior to the gasoline version in several ways. 1) It would decrease our dependence on foreign oil. 2)It would allow for refueling at home. There is a company offering home refueling systems for the Honda Civic CNG that ties into your home's natural gas supply. 3) Natural Gas is cheaper than gasoline. 4) Natural Gas is a plentiful DOMESTIC resource and 5) Natural Gas burns more efficiently (and more cleanly) and is gentler on engines than Gasoline. ETC Given all this it seems a no brainer. Only a Hydrogen powered car would be better. Have the oil companies stymied this? I wonder.....
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