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Cleaning the Brakes on a 2013 Prius C

I have a 2013 Prius C II with approximately 50K. The 50K service was just completed. This was the first service I completed outside of a pre-paid maintenance schedule. I was surprised when I picked up the car and they gave me an estimate of $1300 in "upcoming" service/repairs.

I now suspect I have a Toyota Dealership which wants to sell parts and services.

The first item they listed is Tires. $900 for four new tires and an alignment (out the door). Good Year website recommends replacement at 3/32. Toyota measured tread depth at 5/32. When I showed them the recommendations from Good Year the service advisor said Toyota recommends replacing the tires when tread gets to 5/32 as the car will handle better? That made no sense to me at all.

The second Service they are recommending is cleaning of the mass air flow sensor. I recognize this is not a hard service to complete and involves two screws and a $12 can of MAF cleaner from the parts house. But, my mileage hasn't dropped and I averaging 50+ MPG. Estimate to clean the MAF is $90.00.

The last service which alarmed me was cleaning of the rear brakes. This car has drum brakes. I specifically asked the service consultant if the pads were contaminated. He said no, they were dirty. Back in my day brakes were always dirty. Maybe if other repairs were being done we might use an air hose and a compressor before we worked on them. What I don't know...does cleaning the rear brakes have anything to do with the hybrid system? Dealership asks $90 for cleaning.

Thoughts...I'm probably going to change dealerships to service the car.

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