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I'm amazed that Toyota has this in their FAQs, and even more surprised at their response! ... ZT0x&p_li=
Cleaning Touch Screen Control Panels

How should I clean the touch screen panel in my vehicle?

Toyota recommends cleaning touch screen panels with a soft damp cloth. Soak a clean soft cloth in lukewarm water and lightly wipe the surface.

Do not use substances such as solvents, kerosene, alcohol, gasoline, alkaline, or acidic solutions. These chemicals can cause staining or discoloration of the screen.
SOAK a cloth? Fine, but shouldn't the cloth be WRUNG OUT first, to prevent all that drippy water from getting into places it shouldn't be? and the car really should be off (or at least the display off) when doing this, so you're not pushing buttons you don't mean to be (like the Consumption Screen reset button...)
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