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Civic article versus Prius

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I just got notified from Honda that the Civic web site is alive and well and the car is available. They have car comparisons on the site so I compared the Prius and Honda. You should all do this . I will not go into the details, but the cars are fairly close in all respects. Toyota gives away a cubic foot or so interior room, but Honda gives the trunk space away. The motor (MG1/IMA) is interesting. As we all probably know the Honda depends mostly on the ICE and is only ULEV while the Prius has more than double the electrical capability (I think 12.5 hp versus 45 hp MG1) and of course the mileage is about the same between the 2 with the city / highway average about the same. Now if you get the standard transmission in the Honda, you loose some mileage. Very interesting.

Anyway I am real happy to see the 2 major manufacturers (japanese) coming out with more Hybrids. I hope this pushes the US manufacturers to follow suit. Anyway if the US ones don't get with it , I am pretty sure of the outcome (because I lived through the 78 oil embargo and saw the japanese small cars take over - much to the shagrin of our dumb car makers)..

Have fun with your hybrids.

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