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Hi everyone. first post first time first issue lol..

I bought a Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam and hooked it up.. It plugs into the Cig lighter with an adapter that has 3 usb ports on it. Then you plug one usb into the Dash Cam itself and thats it .. your installed and setup.. BUT when I am driving around I notice that the power goes off all the time to the dash cam.. it still runs because it has a built in batter that chargers when it is live but its a pain when you try and charge your phone or something like that..

What can I do to make this lighter always hot.. is this something that they did for some STUPID REASON..

Can someone point to me the answer as to what to do or what to buy to make this always live.. I dont care if it is off when i am out of the car it is only when I am driving around that it goes off and one..

2016 Toyota Prius

Thanks everyone

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