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We recently left our 2010 Prius III in an airport parking lot for 6 days and couldn't start it when we returned. I've looked around and see lots of advice about making sure the lights are switched off and the doors are properly closed and will try to figure out how to turn off the SKS at some point.

BUT I would also like to check out the health of the 12v battery. I see instructions for going into "maintenance mode" but they seem to me to be for earlier models or maybe a different model of the 2010. There is also the possibility that I just am just missing something (being new to the Prius). Could someone outline the steps for checking the 12v battery status on a 2010 model III or help me interpret the procedure below?

Here is a procedure I found at ....but I can't figure out what the "MFD info button" is.
  • In ACC mode press and hold the MFD info button while turning the lights on and off three times to go into Maintenance mode
    Press the on-screen menu field
    Press signals - the battery voltage is shown and should be about 12.4 volts
    Press the power button (no brake pedal) to put a current load on the battery - the voltage should stay above 12v
    Now put the car into ready mode (press brakes and hit power again) - the battery is now charging at about (or just under) 14v
    turn to car off to get out of maintenance mode

Any help is appreciated.
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