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Charge faster and smarter with Lectron + New CARiD Video

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Over the past few years, electric vehicles have become a significant part of the automotive market. On the one hand, never having to go to the gas station to refuel is a great benefit. On the other hand, your EV is your means of transportation, and it needs to be powered reliably. Lectron is making EV charging quick and effortless with its innovative line of EV chargers and accessories, now available at CARiD.

The line includes EV adapters, charging stations, mounts, Tesla accessories, and much more. Also, Lectron EV pays attention to details and gives users options contributing to the ease of installation so that an average do-it-yourselfer could perform it safely.

In our new video review, Greg is showcasing a line of EV chargers and accessories from Lectron and their main features. Charging your EV gets easier with Lectron!

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