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changing tires and radio problems

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am a new member of this side and also a new owner of Prius (model 1998)

I am from Cyprus and i imported my car from Japan and i am looking from some extra informations

i need new tires and i wandered what type are suitable for my car.

my radio receiver has no power. i checked the fuse and its ok .i also connect another simple radio receiver on my cars connector and is working ok.
Noted that recently i changed my battery.
I wantered if there is any code i must insert or if there is any buttons combination i have to pressed first, so my receiver powered.
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yeah, sounds like the radio thinks
that it was stolen from the car
(lost power), so the radio powered itself
off (as a theft-deterrent feature).

I'd assume that there's a button-press
sequence to make it work again, but
I do not know what it is. :( sorry.

adeshell said:
There is good info about tires here -
Well, that'll work for the newer model of Prius (the model year 2001+)
but the original poster has a 1998 Japanese imported Prius.
My recollection is that the older Japanese Prius had a different wheel than the newer Prius, so the tire info for the newer Prius may not be backwards-compatible with the older Prius.
The first generation of Prius had 15 inch tires, so there's a ton of choices that will work on it.

Our limited selection is due to having 14 inch tires.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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