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This 1998 Toyota Prius I am about to buy is a Jap Import in New Zealand hence the manual is in Japanese. Would it be possible to download a manual in English from any site. Also the onboard LCD display is in Japanese. How can I change it to English? The radio would only tune to 90MHz in FM because it is a Jap Import. In New Zealand the FM goes up to 105MHz. Will it be possible to use a band expander to enable the radio to tune to more than 90MHz. This Prius comes with MiniDisc player. Is it normal? What about adding a CD player?

Many thanks in advance

I have posted this message here as well:

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I would recommend this Yahoo!group for the older Japanese Prius:

I think you'll have to learn some Japanese to deal with your car, as neither the manuals nor the screen can be changed. There are some other people from NZ on that group with the original Prius, and a few people from Japan that know some English that help out on that list.
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