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Hey folks, I didn’t see my question answered elsewhere so I figured I’d ask. I screwed up and ran completely out of gas in the middle of the night and AAA came out to get me back on the road. They added gas, but not enough for the car to register (know it needs a couple gallons to acknowledge) so he had me completely drain the battery to reset the system. It’s great that it worked and I was on my way, but within a day or two I coincidentally threw this P0420 code. I knew that as an emissions code so I tightened the gas cap and reset the light, but it came back so I got my scanner back out and actually read the data. It’s showing “Catalytic Bank I” failed with a below threshold reading, but the “Exhaust Gas Sensor Bank I - Sensor I” passes.

Does anyone know the difference between Catalytic Bank I and Exhaust Sensor I? I’d assumed it was the upstream O2 Sensor before I noticed that there was that specific line that said sensor in it...

I don’t have a lot of money to be throwing at parts and sure can’t afford a Toyota diagnostic at this time.. Any ideas?


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