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I got a 2003 Prius this past Monday with 35,000 miles on it. I am very happy with the car.

What I would like to do is add the NAV and CD Player to the car, since I only have a cassette deck. The NAV and CD buttons, when pushed, tell me that the external unit is not connected.

Has anyone added these items to their Prius? Are there recommendations for products to buy?


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Factory CD, you can install, but factory Nav, well...

If you have the money and the time, you *can* install a factory navigation to a Classic Prius (it has been done), but... New you're missing about US$4000 worth of parts (for what was a US $1900 option for 2002-2003 Prius), and that's before the labor (GPS antenna lives behind *everything* in the dash, for example).

I posted links to some installation stories/parts here: ... sage/77688
(they're on the Prius_Technical_Stuff yahoogroup, and you have to be a member to view the message archives.)

For navigation, if you want it displayed on the touchscreen, about your only choice is:
Otherwise, there are a variety of 3rd party portable units that you could choose from...

For a classic (2001-2003) Prius, there are only 5 CD options that you can get that'll interface with the dash buttons and touch-screen controls:

The Toyota 1CD player: Part number 08601-00870, replaced by part number 08601-47801 in 2003 (Y-harness now built in, to avoid Newarkitis)

The Toyota 6CD changer: Part number 08601-00891, replaced by part number 08601-47800 in 2003 (Y-harness now built in, to avoid Newarkitis)

For both of those, you'll still need the setting kit: Part number 08695-47020 for the older CD players (comes with Y-harness), replaced by part number 08695-47800 in 2003. If you get one of the older Toyota CD player/changers, and can only get the newer setting kit, you'll need to also get the Y-cable by itself, which is part number 08695-00370.

Alternately, you could get one of Harry's Jensen CD/MP3 players
(models MP3510, MP3310, MP5010) which comes with an adapter board
which allows the Jensen units to talk to the Prius' controls. It also
has a stereo aux-in jack in the front of the unit.

All of the above CD options you could install yourself, and save
yourself some cash (re:installation). Instructions come with Harry's Jensen units, and Instructions for the Toyota options are available in the toyota-prius yahoogroup's Links > FAQs section.

For the Toyota players, I might suggest calling a few different
dealers (see some of the ones listed in the toyota-prius yahoogroup's Links > Aftermarket parts section), as some parts departments will heavily discount the parts. You could also look into a wrecked Prius at a scrapyard and see if you can get the parts you want/need there for cheaper.

There were some early reports of people adding in other CD players, but they'll need to have their own disc/play controls on the unit if you want to use them. There are also some other multi-disc changers (mounted in the center console or in the trunk/boot) that some European dealers have added to some Classic Prius that are Toyota units and seem to work with the Prius' controls...

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Seems odd that they put the buttons for navigation as standard. And then, where is a button that simply toggles through the efficiency screens (motor screen & fuel efficiency)?

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