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raining..loss of power

Hey Joe.. very similar thing happened to my wife's 2004 Prius at 4600 miles. Difference is, we could not shut down the system after we pulled over. While waiting for the tow truck, I fiddled with the ignition slot and suddenly the thing turned off.
Had the thing towed in to dealer.. was told there is nothing wrong with it. Got the usual.."you must be imagining things" treatment, which I resent.

This is worrisome to me as a sudden loss of power in an interstate situation is a safety hazard. I'm curious as to whether the problem will repeat itself and if so, what Toyota's response will be.

Meanwhile I have filed a complaint at the NHTSA website, after seeing another similar complaint from a 2004 owner. I urge you to do the same. This helps Toyota realize there is a problem and take action to solve it.
Still love the Prius.. for now.
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