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YTOD - (Yellow Triangle of Death)

I just had a similar thing happen to me a couple days ago. Driving on the freeway at 65 on a nice Indian summer day and every light, bell and whistle started going off as I suddenly lost power. I made my way over to the shoulder while realizing that the ICE had shut down. I was able to go a couple hundred yards uphill to a safe spot (luckily) and there I waited for the tow truck. The first couple times I tried to restart, after 15 minutes and a half hour, all the lights still came on. Then a half hour after that they didn't and the car seemed fine. Nonetheless, after reading the manual, I still had them tow the car to the dealer and check it out. After checking the error codes, the dealer told me that the car thought it had run out of gas, so it shut down! (It had about 3/4 of a tank). They recalibrated the ECU and told me that they had heard of no repeats after this was done. I will definitely keep you posted, because this seems like a HUGE safety issue to me, and I think Toyota should take it seriously. Good luck! -Paul

Test codes they found were:
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