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Well it arrives on Wednesday after only a 6 week wait.

I chose the TSpirit with satnav and bluetooth and am looking forward to this like no other car I've ever owned.

Reasons for getting one;
- Lower petrol costs although this is minor since my previous car (Audi A6) achieved 45-50 mpg (imp).
- Lower company car tax - saves almost £4k gross salary equivalent
- I can feel smug about being just a little green while having gadgets.
- I feel I already know a lot about the car (good and not so good) through all the posts on this forum

Work colleagues are intrigued as I'm the first in the Company to go for one. One is interested in the tax advantages and is about to change his car so you never know I could be starting a trend.

A couple of questions though;

Regarding Bluetooth;
- Has anyone linked a nokia 6230?
- Is it true that you cannot dial while travelling?

I know I'll find out on Wednesday but if anyone has any tips/links I'd appreciate them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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