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I noticed my NAV wouldn't go in to night mode. My husband has a Land Cruiser with NAV and his works and looks great. He went in to the dealer and asked them about night mode on my NAV ... they told him it wasn't available on the Prius' NAV. However ...

It IS supposed to have a Night Mode according to the manual. Anyway there isn't even a button for night or day mode from DISPLAY. Brightness and Contrast are set a mid points. I selected Normal for both night and day mode on SETTINGS. I turned off my headlights (I usually use them as DTRs.) Soooo why can't I get Night Mode to work?

Also, there is a scrolling wheel located on the dash, lower left of steering wheel. It is set at about midway -- what does it control?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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