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Canadian Pointman on Kyoto Treaty drives TWO SUVs

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Incredible. The comical farce that Kyoto presents. Care to guess the outcome?

One of the two ministers who presented Climate Change Plan for Canada to meet the greenhouse gas reduction target under the Kyoto Protocol drives TWO GM 4X4s and two Volvos. The other minister drives a single Corolla.

Challenged later by reporters, who asked him whether he collects cars "like shoes," Mr. Dhaliwal warmed to the debate and defended his choice of vehicles. "If you have a son who plays hockey and has lots of equipment to put in [an automobile], I'm sure you'd prefer to have a larger vehicle."
Hockey equipment?!
He said his vehicles are divided between his home in Vancouver and in Ottawa.

Returning fire, Mr. Dhaliwal suggested, half tongue-in-cheek, that he can more easily fulfill his obligations as a consumer under Kyoto to reduce emissions. He pointed out he has more left to give up than does Mr. Anderson [the other minister who has one Corolla].

No kidding!
"I could probably reduce my greenhouse-gas emissions quicker if I decided to get rid of one of my SUVs. . . . [His task will] be a lot tougher because he's driving a smaller car," Mr. Dhaliwal said. "He may have to walk."

Upon reflection, Mr. Dhaliwal allowed that he might get rid of one SUV that is getting old. "I'm willing to do my part."
What a generous guy!
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