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This is an interesting question. The purpose of the Power Jockey is to enable a weaker battery to work with the vehicle. It does this by keeping the operating voltage above critical level. (Power Jockey Graph)

In our lead acid battery reconditioning process we use battery desulphators which basically feeds ripple current into the battery to break up the sulphation. Can this process also benefit Nimh batteries? Some people believe that in their experience with Nicad batteries in model airplanes ripple current did benefit the batteries.

The Power Jockey in it's latest configuration was change to introduce this effect. It is difficult to test this phenomenon but I had the chance to drive an NHW10 with a reconditioned battery and a Power Jockey installed from Auckland to Paihia (240 Kms) and back twice last week (24-30/6/2011).

In the first trip the turtle showed up nearing the top of high hills. The vehicle exhibited good power. I was able to accelerate uphill and speeds of up to 96Kph. When the turtle showed I had to slow down to about 70 Kph to allow the battery to recover. When the turtle went away I could accelerate away again. On the way back the triangle appeared possibly due to the delta SOC exceeding 50% and the vehicle went into a different mode. There was more power and acceleration uphill was even better. I could easily hit speeds of 120 Kph on the flat and 97 Kph in hill climbs. ( There are some very long and steep hills between Auckland and Paihia. )

On my second trip back to pick up someone I left behind, as I had to come back to work! I could feel that the vehicle was getting more responsive and there was much more power. Back in Auckland after a short stop the triangle went away!! This happened by itself I did not reset the computer with our scan tool. I have never experience this before. Hev batteries never improve after the triangle shows up. So did the Power Jockey improve the battery? I can't say and this is just one instance. Maybe others who install the latest configuration of the Power Jockey can add to this.
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