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can 2002 classic Nav system read DVD for newer 2004 Prius?

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I have a 2002 classic Prius with Nav system and a DVD from 2001. Dealer gave me latest DVD for newer 2004 Prius Nav system. Not unexpectedly, my system does not understand it. Can I copy it to a format that will work?

I presume no easy software upgrade of my Nav system can be done/hacked to allow the newer format to work.

BTW, dealer said only a slightly newer DVD than my 2001 DVD was available and it had no useful updates -- $256. But Toyota online says there is such a DVD from Oct. 2004 available, $250. Presumably has the updates I need for Northern California.
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You might be able to try swapping the loading.kwi file, assuming it can read everything else. Tend to doubt it though.
my understanding is that there are different software versions between the Classic and the 2004+ Prius' navigation systems. I think I saw a post on here somewhere listing the different part numbers for the different releases...
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