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I sent California Assemblymember Fran Pavey an email toward the end of August 2005 about the placement and quantity of the HOV stickers. It not only took her seven months to reply but doesn't address the issues I brought to her attention.

In any case her's what she said, and I quote:

"Thank you for contacting me in regards to Assembly Bill 2628, my bill allowing single-occupant hybrid vehicles to use carpool lanes. Only hybrid vehicles that achieve 45 miles per gallon or higher and qualify under California’s strict emission vehicle law are allowed access to the HOV lanes. The hybrid vehicles that are eligible for HOV access include the Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Toyota Prius.

To update you, when 50,000 stickers have been issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the bill provides that a full review will be conducted by the Department of Transportation on any traffic impacts of hybrids in carpool lanes. As of now, the DMV has issued 49,392 stickers, which means they should hit the 50,000 threshold shortly. The review should be done within 90 days.

The DMV will continue to issue stickers until it reaches the final 75,000 limit, or pending release of the findings. Drivers who have already received the HOV stickers will be allowed to use the carpool lane until January 1, 2008.

I will keep you informed on any further developments. Should you have additional questions on this or any state-related matter, please feel free to contact me.



Assemblymember, 41st District


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Missed the question. That is the understatement of the day. :lol:

Looks like typical boilerplate. An aid pulled it out of the computer, shipped it off. I wouldn't be surprised that for every bill that the Assembly (as you Californians call it) sees, each office has a "response" all written up and ready to go. The aid probably saw Hybrid and HOV lane and pulled up the appropriate boilerplate for that topic. Didn't bother to read your question.

So much for effective representative government.
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