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Just like the subject says...

You can read (and find a link to hear) the segment at SciFri's website. The host of SciFri (Ira Flatow) apparently just took delivery of his own Prius, although he says it's his wife's, and he's not allowed to touch it. :) He seemed to think CalCars (link) was a for-profit that had a conversion kit already available, but that was dismissed soon into the segment. (It was about 3/4 into the first hour. Looks like the audio isn't actually on SciFri's website yet, but it should be there soon.)

Felix (the founder of CalCars,) said that he would be happy if the car companies themselves drove him out of business by making plug-in hybrids standard. He also estimated that if a car company released a plug-in hybrid of the same capability as their prototype (30 mile range on pure EV,) it would add about $2000-$3000 to the list price. For their conversion kit (that they are hoping to have other companies commercialize under license from CalCars,) it would cost a lot more.

I tried to call in, but only got busy signals. (I had a few questions for Felix.) But, a fellow Portlander did manage to call in; the owner of a local pizza place that uses small electric cars (about golf-cart sized, but street legal,) for delivery.
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