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Hey there Howie, welcome to the site. Two things to tell you.

1) Besides this board there is another one that's great... I mention because as I see 1 post you have perhaps not heard of this one yet.

and to answer your question...

2) Michelle (mrv) posted this a while back and I dug it up for you...
The 2004 had 9 packages but they are apparently consolidating a few items. There used to be an option without a rear wiper even, and that will be a standard item (as it ought to be) in the 2005.

Again, welcome. And here's your info:

Just got this official 2005 package info from Dianne at Carson Toyota, CA.
She doesn't have pricing info yet, but is expecting about a 3% price
increase. Nor does she have production or delivery dates for the first

The rear wiper is now standard. All colors remain the same (interior and

Package 1 = GY = side and curtain airbags

Package 2 = AG = security system + homelink + smart entry

Package 3 = BI = side/curtain airbags, smary entry

Package 4 = AM = side curtain airbags, smart entry, HID lamps, fog lamps,

Package 5 = AI = side/curtain airbags, security and homelink, smart entry,
JBL audio upgrade

Package 6 = BC = side/curtain airbags, security + homelink, smart entry, HID
headlamps, fog lamps, VSC, JBL, NAV

(so, if you want the Navigation, you have to go with package 6 (BC).)

The Southern California region is only ordering these packages in the
following ratios:
15% package 1 (GY)
20% package 3 (BI)
65% package 6 (BC)
color ratios for the Southern California region hasn't been decided yet.
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