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bradca21 said:
Hey there Howie, welcome to the site. Two things to tell you.


Package 5 = AI = side/curtain airbags, security and homelink, smart entry,
JBL audio upgrade

Package 6 = BC = side/curtain airbags, security + homelink, smart entry, HID
headlamps, fog lamps, VSC, JBL, NAV

(so, if you want the Navigation, you have to go with package 6 (BC).)[/i]
doesn't ring true with me, that last statement. unless something has changed from the 2004 model, the JBL upgrade and Nav only go together, because there are two versions of steering wheel controls + MFD buttons and software. One version has four buttons total around the MFD and has controls on the steering wheel on just one side. This version, apart from other things, does not contain a "Maintenance" screen in the software. This version comes standard on every 2004 Prius.
The second version consists of 4 buttons on the left and 3 on the right of the MFD. It also contains steering wheel controls on both sides of the wheel. This version comes with the upgraded audio system + nav. Therefore, you could get both, using the old package numbers, in packages BC (9) and BG (8).
Correct me if I'm wrong...
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