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]Hello all,WE are thinking of buying a 1999 Prius,but wondered if anyone knows of any problems with them?
A dealer tried to tell us the 1999 model has heaps of problems,and tells us a new battery if the currant one conks out would cost about 10.000 which I dont belive.
i DONT KNOW WHO TO ASK,and though some kind person would help us out.
We cant afford a new one,in Nz they cost $40,000
Thank you so much all,
Regards The Homes

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Japanese Prius

There are a couple of other New
Zealand owners of older (pre-2001)
Prius over on the Mk1_Prius yahoogroup.

Battery problems seem to be an issue
with the older Japanese Prius.
Another problem with the older
Japanese Prius seems to be little
support outside of Japan for them
(no manuals available except in
Japanese, parts only available from
Japan, and Toyota dealers outside
of Japan are not equipped with
diagnostics for the older Japanese

I highly suggest that you talk to
other owners first:

Based on what I've read, I'd probably
stay away from the older Japanese
model (1998-2000).
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