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Hello, my name is Donny. i am going to be buying my first hybrid tomorrow. super excited, im getting a great deal $100.. its super clean in and out, but its been sitting for a coupe of years.

the owner said it died out one day at the market and she towed it home and never messed with it since.

when i go i plan on taking a new 12v battery with me, but im having a hard time figuring out which one a need ? i called pep boys and auto zone but they don't even show a battery in their system that available, so im guessing it's a special battery.... what brand and model do i need ?

i think i read somewhere that an optima yellowtop D51R is the right one, but i don't want to buy the wrong one.

after i change the battery is there anything i should look for or do before trying to start the engine ?

thanks ... looking forward to getting her home. ill post pics when im there.
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