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Bumpy Crawl...

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My Prius jerks slightly when I let it roll (foot off brake and not on gas)

I guess it's normal and is caused by the slow speed of the electric motor...

Anyone else found this?

All else is fine....
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LOL, I thought that had something to do with it...

May I also point out that Japan drive on the left, so you lot must have modified Prii! We drive the real one here! :lol:
Touche! You are one hundred per cent right (or left, as it turns out) That "bumpy crawl" is only observed on the real Prii! I believe it has some connection with the "EV" button. However, it could be the rear disk brakes!!!
SiJ2000 said:
My Prius jerks slightly when I let it roll ...
::best Groucho Marx voice::: "The bus stopped with a joik and I got out!"

:lol: They're always better when you tellem yerself.
Mine will do this if I'm at a stop light on a hill and I take my foot off of the brake....
Mine doesn't do this... maybe its a UK mod designed to simulate cobblestones! :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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