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Just replaced brand new 12v battery and it seems to be dying. I'm a medical student and I'm not currently driving the car very much... But it died within a week of it being replaced. Now when I jump start the car and leave it on for an hour/drive it around the block and try to start the car up again It doesn't even start. I believe there is a few things wrong here possibly...

1) the engine battery (the big one.. idk what its called) is not charging the 12v correctly
2) something is draining the 12v battery when the car is turned off

I have already checked for lights being left on and believe me... There isn't a single light being left on. IDK what to do or where to start. Having to use a portable jump starter everywhere I go.

Prius: 2008, 100,000 miles
Check engine light on with error code - Throttle Actuator (which to me doesn't mean anything bc car runs perfectly fine other than this charging issue)
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