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I like it a lot.
Excellent brakes. :D
Faster than I thought it would be. :D
Glad I was able to turn off reverse beep. :twisted:
Wish I could turn off "I Agree" on GPS that you must hit every time. :?:
Gas mileage is a little better than I anticipated. :)

Since I have yet to open the books for more than a glance, I am doing okay so far but I did accuse a family member of screwing up the GPS because the movement of the land changed all of a sudden. Turns out it doesn't always have to be on North. I actually prefer it not being on North all the time.
Also learned the magic key(?) opens driver's door and passenger's door if you open passenger's first (walk up to it).
Wonder what other little tricks I will find in time. I know, I know, read the books. :oops:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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