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I love my '04 #7 Prius. but...
The Only Design issue I've had to adapt to is its low profile - so low that I will bottom out on the entrance of my driveway unless I approach it at an acute angle and turn sharply into it.

I've also scraped bottom (gently of course) on an occasional intesection that has too big a dip in it or an occassional and unanticipated bump into a parking lot curb.

The result of this is the plastic rivets that hold a 6" x 12" section of the plastic cover in place under the engine, behind the front bumber got sheared off (not hard to do). The replacement part for this piece of plastic (probably costs less than a few dollars in material and labor to make) costs $220 at the Dealer! What gives, and Is there an alternative to this astronomical price fro a peice of plastic?
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