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From setting menu
scroll to connectivity
click on bluetooth
turn bluetooth on
Go into the phone menu
settings, add phone
you have to you the same 4 digit code on the phone and car.
Hope this helps.
I fugured how to add phone numbers to the phone directory on the car.. you just have to add one # at a time

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Nokia phonebook to Prius

Interesting that you should as this 'cause I just faced this problem the other day with my 6310i. Finally solved it after much frustration and no help from Toyota. Pair the phone per the directions in the manual. After that, go to Bluetooth on the phone's menu and be sure its turned on. Then you'll go through the process of loading numbers one by one as another member has suggested.
1. Be sure your the Prius' motor is running.
2. Choose a name in the Nokia, select it, and you'll come to a long list of commands; find "send a business card."
3. Under "settings" in the Prius phone menu, scroll down to find "Phone book" and a switch "Start transfer"
4. Hit the switch and a screen will come up (can't remember the name - something about Transfer) but it says "replace" and "add"; choose "add."
5. Now hit the "select" button on the phone to "send a business card." Your phone may beep and ask you "Disconnect? Hands Free". Hit OK, "Hands Free" should appear on the phone's screen, hit "select" and the transfer should take place.
Every once in a while, as you repeat the process for each name, the phone will disconnect. There may be a way of reconnecting easily but I haven't found it. What I do is hit the Prius' POWER button twice to turn the engine off and then on again; the phone reconnects and the car's screen reads "Bluetooth connection successful."

I am reporting this from memory. Hope I haven't forgotten a step in the process. If you have difficulty, contact me privately 'cause I don't visit the list that often.

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6310 can only send entries one by one


You can only transfer your entire phonebook if your phone is capable of sending all entries in one go, which, unfortunately, the 6310(i) is not -- so you would have to send your entries one by one (I have 182...).

Do what I did: find a friend with a Sony Ericsson T610 and stick your SIM-card in that; then you CAN transfer the whole phonebook in one go (for exact instructions see

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