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Hi! I've had my Prius since November and am now looking to get the proper phone compatible with the car. I'm looking to go with the Nokia 6230. Is anyone using this phone? And does anyone have any suggestions about the best phone to get?!?!? Or what to look for?

Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing from you!

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2,815 Posts ... index.html

PHONES. 2004-2005 Land Cruiser and Prius.
(Lists compatible Bluetooth cellular phones, and
functions/features/networks/drawbacks by cellular phone model.)

Motorola RAZR
Motorola V80
Motorola V500
Motorola V505
Motorola V551
Motorola V600
Motorola V710
Nokia N-Gage
Nokia 3600/3650
Nokia 3620/3660
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6260
Nokia 6310i
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6650
Nokia 6810
Nokia 6820
Nokia 7600
Nokia 7610
Nokia 9810
Panasonic X70
Sharp GX-15
Sharp GX-30
Siemens S55/56
Siemens S65
Siemens SX1
Sony Ericsson K700i
Sony Ericsson P800/900
Sony Ericsson T68i
Sony Ericsson T610 & T616
Sony Ericsson T630
Sony Ericsson T637
Sony Ericsson Z600 ... ctions.pdf

Nokia 6310i (guide)
Sony Ericsson T608/T610 (guide)
(older versions of this PDF used to have the Sony Ericsson t68i listed, I
think in place of the T608/T610)

Motorola RAZR (guide)
Motorola V505 (guide)
Motorola V551 (guide)
Motorola V600 (guide)
Nokia 3600 (guide)
Nokia 3620 (guide)
Nokia 3650 (guide)
Nokia 3660 (guide)
Nokia 6230 (guide)
Nokia 6600 (guide)
Nokia 6620 (guide)
Nokia 6820 (guide)
Nokia 7610 (guide - coming soon)
Siemens S56 (guide)
Siemens S66 (guide)
Sony Ericsson T608 (guide)
Sony Ericsson T610 (guide)
Sony Ericsson T616 (guide)
Sony Ericsson T637 (guide)

Not all Bluetooth phones are created the same, so be sure to check to see which features were tested in the TSB. (some phones can upload the entire phonebook at once (like the Sony Ericsson phones), while some only do one contact at a time (like the Nokia phones), and some cannot upload anything (Motorola V710 on Verizon). some may also have issues dialing emergency numbers...)

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I have the Nokia 6230 and it works great with my 2004 Prius. It connects and disconnects pretty consistently. I haven't bothered to program and load the auto-dialer on the Prius display, but dialing from the phone is a snap. You can answer calls from the steering wheel which is pretty convenient.

The 6230 also has a voice activitated dialing and of course the cool non-car related features like an FM radio, mp3 player (which you can use any song as a ring tone) and a crappy camera. I have also used the phone to synch my Outlook calendar appointments, but the biggest annoyance is that you have to attend to each appt reminder when it occurs otherwise, the phone continues to sound an alert.

Happy shopping. I got the phone from one of the independent cell phone stores which gave me a free, unlocked 6230 with signing up with Tmobile. Because it was unlocked, I was able to take it with me to China and use the phone with a local GSM sim card in place of my Tmobile one. The major drawback with the phone is that it takes a proprietary Nokia headset. All in all, it is a great phone and very cool to use with the Prius.

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The Palm Treo 650 (also a PDA/phone combination) now works well with the Prius. Your phone choice will depend on the wireless carrier you choose. That is the most important decision since you want to be sure there is good coverage in the areas you frequent.
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