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Freaky_T said:
I just got a Prius, and I was wondering how much a replacement traction battery costs.

Well, the hybrid traction battery is covered under warranty for 8 years/100,000 miles in the US, so you probably don't have to worry about cost too much... (By the time you do have to, production volumes (thanks to new hybrid offerings) should bring the price down quite a bit... (Also, there's already junkyard Prius parts available...)

My understanding of the Prius battery is that it is made up of quite a number of individual smaller packs (38?), and that these smaller units can be replaced individually (cheaper than the whole). However, so far on the (very few!) battery-packs that have been replaced (I can count the occurances on my hand), Toyota seems to prefer that the entire pack gets changed out for one cell (so they can do testing on the "bad" pack).

If you're curious because you're in a state that offers tax credits for the hybrid components (like CO or NY), the price of a complete battery pack today is about $4900.

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I am surprised that the price of a complete battery pack is "only" US$ 4900 in the USA. This morning I asked for the price at my Toyota dealer and the answer was 6000 euros (so a little more in US$) ... excluding VAT. Can someone explain this difference ? Furthermore, I know the pack has a modular structure (38 cells, that's right) but that does'nt mean that any kind of dissassembly can be made at the dealer level : what is made in the factory at the production level is not necessarily possible afterwards. And in fact, my dealer has no other referenced item than the complete pack itself... any infos ?
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