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i have a 2013 Prius V. In the midst of a Boston winter the battery had died. I attributed it to not running the car for three weeks. Tripple A started it and ran fine for a few months. Then died again; i attributed it to not having run the car for a long spell again, but it was almost 10 years old and i bought a new battery from AAA - about 3 months ago. Then 3 days ago the battery was again drained. i was able to get the doors open before it died completely but the rear hatch would not neither open nor close completely,

AAA had to crawl into the back and hook up the charger and the car started fine, but still no progress on the hatch door. The tech was able to release the latch from the inside so we opened it and then closed it, but couldn't get the hatch back open. After driving for 2 hours over some not so well paved roads I was able to open and close the hatch and the car started fine.

i suspect the battery is being slowly being drained over time and suspect that it is related to the hatch. Could there be a short there? Has anyone had a similar problem? I don't want to take it to Prius if there is a simple fix and was hoping this forum could help me.

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