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How easy is it to clean the fan and the filter? I'm not a tech person should I give it a go?
Speaking ONLY to Gen2, watch selection of YouTube presentations on accessing this fan motor. As a retired mechanic, I found it a 3 to 4 hour project (include cleaning the individual fan vanes on the bench). Patience AND marking connectors with masking tape for accurate reinstallation urged. The physical position assumed to access the fan motor is awkward: very taxing for anyone over 5'2" as you're cramped on the rear deck while dismantling shroud panels and removing fasteners. It IS serviceable item no Dealer mechanic wants to perform -- EXCEPT R & R at flat rate! Resist temptation to "just bend this bracket and pull motor out" as it makes clean reinstallation equally awkward lining all fastener points up.

If you carry dogs in rear seat or the deck, vacuum regularly to reduce hair and dust entering the battery fan vent port.
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