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Hey guys, i have a 2013 prius C One and i am having a hard time installing the back up camera.

i bought the cd Player 100023, which is from the same year and model prius, but a higher mode, Prius Three.

the radio works perfectly. all connectors match perfectly.

now to the problem. i bought the 16 pin plug for the rear view camera, connected it, got the 12v power for the rear view camera from the taillight reverse bulb, and also got the reverse signal to the radio from the 3D connector located behind the driver knee panel.
from what i have googled, everything seems to be connected properly; however, camera still not pop on when i put car in reverse. do you guys have any idea on what i am doing wrong

i have attached five images to make it easier for you guys to see how I connected everything.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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