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mho said:
This weekend, I tried to rent a Prius on my trip to Burbank, and for the third time in a row, EV Rentals fouled up my reservation. At this point, I'm giving up on them. They will never get their act together.
Since EV Rentals partners with Budget, I decided to call Budget directly to see if I can get a Prius for my trip to the ARIN conference next month. Even though Budget says that they won't guarantee reservation of a particular car model, they were able to look at the inventory at Dulles to tell me that their Dulles location doesn't have a Prius. The only why they'll get one is if someone drops one off on a one-way rental.

Now, I don't see anything on the EV Rental website saying that they will use "best effort" to get you a particular model. The site still says that they have a Prius available at Dulles. Maybe they'll bring one to you if there isn't one?!?

In any case, I am placing a request with the Vienna (or was it Leesburg?) Toyota dealer to see if I can rent a Prius from them. I just gotta get myself there from Dulles. :)

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