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Automatic door unlocking in 2003?

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Has anyone put the Costal Tech automatic door lock into a 2003 Prius?

I installed today per instructions and I think the pin-outs are different for the computer (bottom plug) than in previous years.

Does anyone know what the wires on the bottom plug to the on-board computer are for -- which wires carry which signal -- in the 2003? Are these different than in the 2002?

I have a cool automatic door unlocker right now: when the car is running and I turn the lights on, the doors unlock! Correct functioning should be when the ignition is "on" and the driver's seatbelt is engaged, the doors should lock. When seatbelt is disengaged, the doors should unlock.

It is probably something that I did, but I am pretty sure I followed the directions exactly as written.


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Got it figured out. I was missing a diagram, once I got it, things went smoothly. Doors now lock/unlock when they should!

Atta boy Ward, :p

I have a Smitty-Tech Auto door locker that works when the car starts. :wink:

I use my right thumb on the remote transmitter after starting the car. Then imagine it did it all on its own.
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